How can we overcome this cost?

Hey everyone.

Can somebody please help me with this. Its almost 5x than the actual Shipment cost.

Please let me know.

Split 1 sku in 4 boxes but that will add cost of new boxes+prep+handling so see what is cost effective for you.

You have a low number of units per asin in the box correct?

Split units in multiple boxes

No bro 400 units but only 1 box… Please provide your valuable suggestion.

For eg if 100 units to do FBA. Then how much boxes needed to split?

Boxes cost would be bearable but not this.

So, the aim is to have less variety in the box. So if I’m right, if you only had one asin in the box you would barely be charged much. But if there a mix of lots of different asins then that fee becomes higher - so see which cost is better - this fee (for your convenience) or it the cost of splitting the shipment into lots of different boxes.

I shipped 5 exactly same boxes and no fees

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You mean i should split one asin in 3 to 4 boxes if I have 100 qty…is that correct?

I had option of no placement fee with Amazon optimized shipment, how different is that from rest of two? If it good idea to go for it? I paid yesterday $75 because I didn’t know if its a good idea to choose no placement fee option or not

I actually got no placement fee approx get relief of $100 overall. These should be done easily but sending 5 to 6 SKU’s to amazon warehouse and and pack them in approx 10 max boxes… Hope it will help the community. Thanks

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But what’s the difference in actual shipping costs? It will cost you more per pound to ship boxes to 5 locations then everything to 1 location. I know it’s not the same as paying for the placement fees but you should still take the shipping fees difference into consideration too.

Yes that’s strategy is working for me as well.

Minimum I go with 5+ boxes to avoid placement fees.

Thanks for sharing this with us

I paid an extra $75 yesterday even though it had this option, I thought I would mess up if I will choose this option

You have to go with No placement fee.


It’s new from Amazon. Even u enable or disable option for no placement fee. While creating shipment plan. Amazon will give u option. To send your inventory by yourself in multiple Amazon Warhouse facility which will cost you lot. Or second option two

Warhouse split half qty with placement fee. And third option one Warhouse Amazon with much more placement fee. Was. Centeral n west. Calculate what best for you and choose.

One box not eligible for first option which is free with multiple warehouse. To have this min three to five boxes compulsory.

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This may be related to the quantity of products you ship and the size of the carton.
Amazon seems to only be able to hold 150 units of product in a carton at its maximum.

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