How can i create a advertisement(Sponsored) for our products?

Hello , my questions as write on title.

In additional, i would like to know --is it need buy box can create a Sponsored products?
we just a new seller in amazon UK.

Thanks, if everyone can give me a correct answer.

May be my english it is poor. Hope you can understand what i am saying.

Thank you so much.

You will not be able to advertise your items if you are not winning the buy box.
In order to become eligible to win the buy box you need to be selling on Amazon for at least 90 days. After this time eligibility is based on a number of factors including pricing, availability, fulfilment and seller metrics.

I would recommend that you review the following help pages to get more information:
[The Buy Box|Amazon].
[Seller Performance Measurement| Help].
[Customer Metrics Overview| Help].

I hope this helps but please do let me know if you have more questions and I will try and help :slight_smile: