How can i advertise my private label product for purchase?

Can I get social media influencers to advertise it?

And if so which does this type of thing?

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You can promote it through PPC or use social media. Submit a caste with Amazon Advertising and see if you can get into the Creator Connections program.


I never took this path but have heard people say they had some luck. If I were going to go that direction I would probably start searching tik tok, instagram, and YouTube for influencers that pitch products like yours. Start messaging around seeing which ones charge, and which ones that’ll do it for the products. Of course you want to make sure they have a good following. With tik tok you want people that can go live, so that’s a minimum of 1000 followers.


Run amazon ads for advertising it.

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You can do multiple ways to advertise your product, one is running a PPC on Amazon, then you can also work with influencers to help promote your products, and apart from influencers, you can also run paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Are you Running PPC for your Amz PL?


Yes . It’s a best way


Yes, you can; this is a terrific way to drive external visitors to your listing. The truth is, influencer marketing works if they have a large following and followers who are eager to engage with and purchase the things they promote.

It can work, but there are a few things to keep in mind: content is king, and knowing where your customers hang out is another critical component. You simply must have a very solid marketing strategy, as external marketing can be worthless if not handled effectively and can be more expensive with less ROI than PPC.


Start running ppc campaigns. Also u have launched the product just before Q4 so it might affect your initial phase.

If you are doing private label, run PPC on multiple keywords and get some reviews on your listing. Doing these things will help your sales and make your business look good.

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Yes ppc I am doing but need to do more

I am working on trademarking and then brand registry. Will this help when negotiating contracts with influencers? Should I hire an attorney to prepare the T&Cs?

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Not exactly sure because I’ve never personally went that route of using influencers. As far as the T & C’s @skeeter might be able to answer that one.

Most certainly.

Also, you do realize if you hire a social influencer you might have a nexus with their home state. Many other issues too.

All of them are over priced and I don’t trust the stats, it can be easily, very easily manipulated to look like they are a Rock Star.

If you don’t have your own website to sell on you are just totally throwing all your money out the window. You direct to amazon and amazon will poach your buyer that YOU just spent your money on.

What you are doing requires your own domain to sell the product from. You are better off to pay the influencer per the actual sale. Give them a coupon code and when the code shows up pay them.