How are you managing your withheld balance and cash flow?


Any suggestions on how you are managing your withheld balance for payment and cash flow?
Out withheld balance is growing as our sales are growing and this is having a negative impact on our business now?

Thoughts / suggestions please?

We request a disbursement on a daily basis which helps us manage our cashflow

If you are a seller who registered their account on or after 15 August 2016, you are subject to the Estimated Delivery date reserve. This means that you will always have to wait weeks to receive your funds.

Most sellers on this forum (including me) have older accounts, therefore the unavailable balance and holds don’t apply. So few people will be able to advise you with this here.

Sit tight . Buy no more stock . Till Amazon releases some funds :footprints:

Probably the best advice there is, but still not ideal for a small time seller taking their first steps.

Unless you have access to funds that mean you can absorb the black hole from posting out to getting paid, then the effect of this is that your business can only grow at the rate at which you can make the shortfall up between the two from your own pocket in the meantime.

A practical step that I might suggest is that you visit your bank with the details of what’s happening and see if they’re willing to offer you a loan based on funds that are “in the pipeline.”. Plus, set up selling accounts on other trading platforms that offer a quicker sale-to-paid turnaround, which at least gives you a workable cashflow.

No buying = No selling = Very sluggish growth otherwise, but I don’t know what else to suggest.

if it is business account 30 days, then put the price up a little bit for that delay. Otherwise, ask suppliers for credit terms. If you have a good relationship with them, you can get credit once you passed whatever credit check they do. Bank is a real PITA, so that be last place to look for credit… otherwise credit card etc…

Been there, so know the pain.

Another here that disburses daily or close to it, everything they are currently holding in reserve will be stuck there if you are ever suspended for any reason so it makes sense to withdraw however much you can on a daily basis.