How Amazon PPC Campaign works? Is there any logic?

I have 5 campaigns, all manual, separated groups with phrase and broad key words. They are active but do not generate any traffic, no activity at all. This happen after I collected statistic from search term reports and add most popular keywords into my campaign… That was like а nail into а coffin. It stop working, even those campaigns that were working before. Today I have talk with technical support. They told me that the key words that i have put into my campaigns are not relevant because they are not in the title of the product and it is advised to pause those which do not generate traffic and keep those which do… I don’t know really what to do because in that case I have to remove 99% of the keywords and keep 2 or 3 only and perhaps increase the bid rate. In this case what is the point of all these search term reports and selection of keywords if they will not work? How it would be possible to have desirable keys in the title of a product? I thought that system in Amazon Ad Words is similar with Google ADs… The technician man, whom I talk today told me that amazon system does not count any text from the bullets of a product, nothing from the listing but only the title!!!
I am really choked :frowning: what to do? Is there anybody here who had found any solutions? How to sell?

While Amazon Advertising does consider other parts of the listing, including bullets and descriptions, the product title does carry significant weight in relevance. Make sure to include high-performing and relevant keywords in your product titles.

Use negative keywords to exclude irrelevant search terms from triggering your ads. This can help improve the overall relevancy and performance of your campaigns.