Hoping someone can help me here

For months the payments from amazon were fine. Then just after Christmas they stopped and ever since Ive been trying to verify my bank information.

I have sent the stuff in they have asked for twice and nothing happens, I have asked contacted the helpdesk and am its being dealt with but its just not getting verified. I am due thousands of pounds.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hi is this for vat verification or account as they are two very differnt things

Bank account verification

Write to the managing director

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Hi could you please share notification of Email by Amazon regarding APUk verification of account. So better can assist and help you to verify and hopefully your payments can be released please share details with me so that we can help you better. I have already dealt many cases and successfully verified but need to check what’s issue and why account is not going yo verify or funds are on hold. Best of luck

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ok, thanks, will do