Holiday Specific Adverts - HSA

Wow, well I’ve learnt something today and I thought I’d share it with you all.

Did you know that if you include a holiday specific word in your creative for a sponsored brand advert - it will be rejected unless you submit it at a reasonable time?

For example, we sell Christmas lights so naturally I include Christmas keywords in the creative. I submit and it gets rejected several times. So I get onto SS to find out why.

According to them the reasonable time to create Christmas ads is “between 30th Oct to 15th Jan.”

I can’t believe it, what’s your take?

It is most likely due to the Amazon policy:

”NOTE: Products that depict any specific religion (be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity or Islam) are prohibited from being advertised on Amazon.”

Apparently, you can only advertise listings with religious keywords as a part of the Holiday Specific Adverts.