High Impact Repeat Violation on Account Health


this might be a stupid question, but if you get a policy violation removed and in the future you get the same type of violation again does it come as repeat violation? Even though you had it removed originally.

This is regards to IP complaint I’ve had several all removed by providing invoice, but the most recent I noticed it was HIGH IMPACT for repeat violation…

How does this make sense since I appealed the original and they aren’t even for the same brand

You will be permanently finished selling on amazon.
It also depends on what country you are in, if its USA that is hyper-saturated with sellers you are done. If you are in China, a growth market for amazon, highly doubt anything ever happens.

The “High Impact” “Repeat violations” are somehow strange and so far I haven’t been able to understand them.

Yes, they do show up from time to time ignoring any successful appeals in the past.

My recommendation is that you check your Account Health every single day and any “High Impact” violations need to be addressed immediately, otherwise they can revert into a suspension within a matter of a few days.

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