Hi, new member here. Looking for any tips and tricks

I accidentally fell into this and might be way over my head. I do have an llc and ein#. Wanting to start selling but I don’t have inventory yet. I am opening a store front but need start up money. So I thought I’d start making money online first to help me open. I’ve stalled out and don’t know what do do next. Created the account paid my $40 … did I screw up? Also I have a store website but I’m really not sure how to connect the two. Help.
*update day 6 on this journey. I have learned the basics. Watched all the videos I could possibly process. What I have learned.

  1. Having an llc or ein doesn’t mean you will get funding. 2. Your personal credit matters. 3. You need inventory but not alot.
    So much information to process.

Hello @Zayn. Welcome to the Seller Forums!

So far, you’re OK. You opened a professional account, and are waiting for your products to arrive.

LLC doesn’t matter to Amazon, an active credit card on file matters a lot. The next thing you want to do is create listings for your products, if there isn’t one already available in the Amazon catalog.

Drop all references to your website. You need to keep in mind that these are Amazon’s customers. Promoting yourself outside the platform could get you suspended.

While you are waiting, it’s important to take the time to understand Amazon’s Policies, agreements, and guidelines

Best wishes…


Thank you

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Hi @Zayn

You’re welcome. I hope things are going well. :grinning:

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