Hi . I recive this message today any one can help with this please . Thanks

Amazon wants you to uploaf your SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for the product you a selling.

Product safety policy

We expect and require selling partners to offer safe products. You are responsible for ensuring that your products are safe and compliant with all applicable laws, regulations, standards, and Amazon policies.

You must have all applicable safety and compliance documentation for the products that you list. We may review certification and test reports for your products at any time.

This is a complex issue. Here’s the best place to start:

Seller University - Intro to Safety and compliance


Thank you, but this is a card game. How do I obtain any safety documents when I don’t have any?


Then you can appeal the document request.

Submit compliance documents or appeal a documentation request

To be realistic… when Amazon banned fidgits, many moons ago, I had a CHARM IT! Fidget Spinner Charm for girls bracelets. I could never convince them it was not a hazardous toy.

Your other option would be to sell them as FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant).


I will give it a try with the appeal, many thanks

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You are welcome, and best wishes.