Hi, can anyone help if possible? 😄

I’m currently sitting on a load of product I can’t sell as Amazon have prohibited my item listingn, stating the item is patented by another seller and the other seller has unique rights to sell it.

The item in question is very generic, multiple Amazon sellers selling the same. I’ve been careful not to include anything in the item listing that would copy/reference/infringe on the seller who apparently has the patent. The item was sourced from Alibaba and is non-branded.

I’ve contacted the wholesaler (Alibaba) to see if the supplier can provide a letter of authorisation and they say they can’t.

A bit stuck on what to do. As there are lots of other sellers selling the same on Amazon, I feel there must be a way around it?

Thank you for any help or advice! 🙏

*Most recently response from Amazon attached

Hello @Margt

You are trying to sell a Anzorhal product. They have a total of 6 listings on Amazon, there are no other sellers, and they have branded these products.

I did a thorough search of all their products, and there isn’t another seller on Amazon that has them listed. Many might look like their nasal wash, but none are the same. If your product looks exactly like theirs, you must have bought a Chinese knock-off.

There is no way around it. You can try to list them elsewhere, and hope Anzorhal doesn’t find you.

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Don’t poke the sleeping bear by appealing these. Alibaba items will get you suspended.

Delete anything that could violate IP in any way and order from a wholesaler.

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