Hi all, question to those who use Amazon PPC campaign, what is your conversion rate?

I.e how many sales per 100 clicks?


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The conversion rate can vary widely, around 10-15 sales per 100 clicks on average. It depends on many factors like product, ad quality, and market. What’s your current conversion rate, and are there specific issues you’re facing with your campaigns?


My campaign conversion rate is 20% after optimizing my listing, i suggest you to continually optimize your campaigns and analyze performance to improve these metrics over time. Best of luck


Minimum CVR should be 10%


Your conversion rate hinges on factors like the attractiveness of your listing, the relevance of your targeted keywords, the effectiveness of your targeting strategies, and the competitiveness of the market. In one market, 100 clicks might result in 15 sales, while in another, it could be only 5. It’s a dynamic landscape, and optimizing these elements can make a significant impact on your outcomes


When you over optimize, sales will actually decrease when you have competitors with a lower price. You spend the time and money getting on top of the game then amazon and ebay will display other sellers with lower priced offerings,your done at that point.

Quality and online integrity are meaningless when selling on amazon and ebay. Both sites have ironclad buyer protection policy, that effectively overides any negativity projected by the seller.

Also notice how amazon is stripping the brand name out of some of the listings in order to make it “fair” for everyone. So building a brand and reputation on either site is total waste of money.


Thank you all for the feedback, that is so helpful!