Hey I’m looking for some advice please!

My buy box has recently dropped for 55% to -48 % over night - I have been trying for 3 days to improve it and getting no where
Only 2 of my products had competitors with lower prices
My metrics are good (everything is below target / feedback at 82% positive 4.3 stars overall)
I have matched the lower prices and my buy box is still down
I have now noticed when I click on my own listings - it states it’s from us but when you add it to your basket the item is from other sellers not from us - why is this happening? And how can I fix this?
There is no way to add our own products from our own listings into a basket - no matter which of ours I add to the basket it always gives the sale to another seller even when our price is lower ?

Hello @RuthDade

You cannot put your own products into a shopping basket. Amazon prevents this, and it has always been this way.


You never will.

It is very important to learn how to play amazon, they play 3P sellers like a cheap fiddle. Its your turn to start playing.

Amazon is sharing the wealth with other sellers and only allows you to sell however much they feel is appropriate.

Best thing to do is find your highest profit margin listings that have sold in the last week. Trim your offerings down to the total amount sold during the previous week.

Just make sure you pick high margin products that have sold within the last week. Dump all the rest. Since they are throttling sellers you need to maximize your return. That means cull out the low profit items so that when you do get a sale it will be profitable and actually add value to your business.