Hey, been starting out doing OA, FBA and really struggling to find any products or profit that buybotpro thinks is worth trying

What am I doing wrong?

Any help or motivation would be appreciated

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Use keepa tool to find best selling product for OA and then find product from retailers at 15 to 20% margin

Use buybotpro and Keepa through storefront stalking that meets your criteria for sourcing. Then try using keepa product finder with seller ID.

Yes, if doing manual sourcing, learn some skills of successful sourcing

Finding profitable products as a new seller can be challenging. It’s important to prioritize certain aspects. Firstly, consider utilizing store sniping for hunting and analyzing data through Keepa and Seller Amp.
When it comes to sourcing products, it’s important to make the most of coupons and discounts. Gaining knowledge on how to secure significant price cuts on branded items through coupon strategies can greatly boost your business’s profitability and competitiveness.

Wholesale might be a better option. Much larger pool of products to purchase from usually

Hi there! We definitely use SellerAmp for sourcing. If you find manual sourcing too difficult for you I can point you to some reputable service providers that help OA sellers.

Just curious what is the motivation behind doing OA? Compared to something like private label 

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Understanding the market, how amazon works, without losing too much capital at the beginning.

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Do you have any criteria? If you find a product but there is no profit, then you should consider a high-ticket product, or you can find a product at high prices. It will significantly impact your profit margin.

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Just curious, are you doing arbitrage due to low funds? As in my mind that’s really the only reason to ever do arbitrage over private label. 

From what I understood you can lose large quantities of money with private label. So thought building up profit to reinvest in private label/wholesale at later date was less risky.