Help with listing books on Amazon


I am new and I need confirmation that I do not need to buy UPC’s if I sell books with ISBN numbers, or if I buy retail items on clearance that already have barcodes.

I do need to buy UPC’s for private label.

Is this correct? Thanks!

That is 100% correct. The only time you need to buy UPC’s if you’re creating your own brand and a new listing on Amazon.

Good luck and happy selling :slight_smile:


To my knowledge, UPCs are for private label. You can also apply for a GTIN exemption on products to make it free if you are only selling on Amazon (UPC are the barcode lines, GTIN is the number beneath the lines, same thing different name). Amazon will give you a sku & ASIN. Just Google “GTIN exemption Amazon” and you should find it. Those UPC/GTIN barcodes get expensive, I’d really only do them for products I planned on selling on my website or other places outside of Amazon.


good to know, thank you !

Thank you!

Also, if you’re buying products that also have codes, you can probably just use the provided ones? Not sure tbh

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