Help listing my first product

Hello everyone !

I do need some help, guys, as I feel like I’m getting stuck with my first listing!

The point is that I’m trying to keep the cost as low as possible, as it is my first product. So I didn’t apply to register my brand, and I had to put the product to generic category, no brand name. Now as I click on the link to see my product (even though it’s not been sent to Amazon yet) it says the picture is unavailable. And this is quite disappointing, how am I supposed to sell my product if the main picture is not displayed?

Can I actually list the product with no brand name?

Thank you in advance, any advice appreciated

I believe when your listing is active with inventory available the images will show. You can sell as generic also.

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Try a different photo. I’ve tried to use a supplier photo until I got my actual photos and Amazon wouldn’t display it.

Thank you, but I use my own pictures only, the problem was that it took time for the pictures to be reflected and I only recently realised how it works ! :smile:

Anyway I decided to apply on USPTO to get my brand name registered, waiting for an assigned attorney to review my case!