Help improving my sales

Morning, can someone please give me ideas on what i can improve. Been selling for over 3 months now, i just hit 100 units in 3 months.

Most of my profit went on ppc campaigns. I adapted, changed, added, monitored, managed to reduce my ACOS a bit lately. i think my listing is optimized. i have 8 reviews 5 star and 2 sellers 5 star as well. i usually sell between 1 to 2 units a day on canadian market.

really wanting to know how i can improve my sales without adding on more expenses on ppc campaigns.

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Hi William, send me a message. I can do a free PPC audit for you


You won’t. PPC is a joke among those that understand how the internet works.

Without going into a lot of detail consider the companies selling PPC ads are overwhelmed with CASH. Now look at you, broke. That should be the first observation with this. I almost bet you actually are negative by a significant amount. Opportunity cost was not factored…

It is to be expected to lose money early on and consider that your “education”, use that experience to ratchet your way up to success.

Blindly following others and consuming huge piles of BS from online advertising companies will keep you broke and make them richer.


Lets Chat How can i help You?

I will check your listing and PPC Campings and let you know where the problem is