Help for POA as listing deactivated

Hello I received an email from Amazon where they informed me that they have de-activated my listing because of a complaint from a customer suggesting that it is used. Our response : Dear Amazon Product Quality Team, I would like to appeal the removal of my listing with ASIN B01MQXXXXX due to " Used item Sold as New " product condition complaints. I understand that Amazon takes the complaints about the product quality very seriously and I would like to share with you my Plan of Action addressing the issue. What caused the complaints : - After reviewing my entire account very carefully. all orders received for the ASIN B01MQDNN6D, reading my seller feedback, product reviews, checking the A-Z claims and return comments, I determined that the complaints were caused by insufficient product description and packing. Another cause was because a few small parts of the press were not made of Food Grade metal causing them to show some wear after a period of some shelf life. - The product page for ASIN B01MQXXXXX included incorrect product pictures and mentioned incorrect information in the bullet points. - The product which was not been packed in a protective packaging that would protect it against damage during transit. - Returns with damaged parts are now replaced with new parts and were being put on sale again. What have I done to resolve the complaints : - I have authorized all return requests for ASIN B01MQXXXXX, carefully inspected all return merchandise and refunded the buyers. - I have carefully checked all my remaining inventory for the ASIN B01MXXXXX and discarded any units with damaged packaging. - Since the Press was packed with a shrunk paper on the outside and placed in the cardboard box, I will now cover them up with Bubble wrap and will then place into a transparent bag and then into the box to prevent further damaging. - I will discard the return items completely and all items sent to the buyers will only be in Brand New condition. - Most importantly, we have now replaced all previous metal parts that were used TO Food Grade Stainless Steel parts that will ensure a new look and longevity of the item What will I do to prevent similar complaints in future : - I will continue sourcing my items to the most reputable suppliers in the item origin country. - I will include an instruction booklet with the item so that the buyer finds it easy to clean and operate to avoid dissatisfaction. - I will update the pictures with a better background so that they appear more clear and visible. - I will be checking the conditions of my items on a regular basis to ensure that all customers receive them in a 100 percent perfect state. - I will make sure that all items are packaged securely and carefully as possible to prevent damage during transit. I have attached the invoices as stated in the message and all the invoices attached are within the last 365 days from today. The PQ team did not approve of this and sent us an email as below : We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your listings at this time. Please send an updated plan of action that explains: – Greater detail on the issues(s) that you believe caused the complaints about the condition of your items. – Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve the issue(s) that caused the complaints about the condition of your items. – Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent future complaints about the condition of your items. Here are a few things to consider as you create your plan: --Sourcing: Are you sourcing the product from a trusted supplier? --Listing: Is the product accurately described on Amazon? Have you ensured that there is no ambiguity and the customer is well informed? --Packaging: Is the product in its original packaging as listed on Amazon? – Shipping: Have you taken all appropriate steps and quality checks to ensure that the product is stored, packed, and shipped appropriately? --Review your communications from buyers to better understand the issues. --Be as specific as possible in your plan. --Do not limit your plan to issues with specific orders. I am absolutely clueless as to what more information can I provide to them so i seek your expert advice

The Plan of Action is almost entirely my example template.

You should reword it to ensure that it is unique and doesn’t contain any fully copied sentences out of it.

Also, I would advise you to include steps and actions which can be checked against your account, case IDs as proof of you making updates and more additional details.

If you posted the ASIN, someone would be able to check what kind of product it is and give you a better advice.

Yes it is indeed. It worked the 1st time when I the same listing got de-activated.

The ASIN is in question is B01MQDNN6D

Thank you very much for your assistance :slightly_smiling_face:

This item, correct?

Have you recently received any negative feedbacks or processed returns for this product?

Personally, I would open a case with the Seller Support and request update of the product pictures.

You need to replace them with ones that have a pure white background.

Also, since the colour appears to be antique silver, I would mention it both in the title and bullet points and state that this is not a fault and it is supposed to appear like this.

Your Plan of Action would include the case ID and a description of the updates which you made.

The antique silver finish can confuse buyers into thinking it’s an used item.

No negative feedback so far nor processed return.

I will make the desired changes and the bullet points too but can I do them whilst the listing is deactivated?

Also is the PQ team looking for something more specific in terms of the POA that I submitted?

I do not want to take any chance in submitting another POA where the PQ team would end up replying that this cannot be list anymore.

Will take pictures with a White background and update them. Also would mention about the " Antique Silver " finish on the bullet points.

I wouldn’t make any mentions of the items not being packaged properly if you haven’t processed any returns.

The blame can be completely put on the listing description, non-compliant images and antique silver finish which may have confused customers into believing that the merchandise is not new.

As always , you are absolutely right. I have given this a lot of thought and logic behind this and I will abide by the solution that you provided.

I am waiting for the new model that I have introduced which has all Stainless Steel parts which will give it a more enhanced look.

I will then make changes to the listing, post new pictures and will share the bullet points.

I am sure that this will work.

Have you included invoices?

Yes i did …

I think POA is very long, i don’t think i have ever submited this long POA.

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