Having Amazon Send Payments When We Want - Not When They Want

Hello everyone. I’ll keep it short and to the point:

We want to be able to minimize bank transfer costs. In this regard, is there any way we can get Amazon to NOT send monthly bank transfers and have them send accumulated revenues ONLY when we want?

I already have opened cases about this, but all I got was a “no”, so I had to ask these cases to be escalated to manager-level. In the meanwhile, I am here and asking the seller community. Any and all help/input will be appreciated, thank you.

As far as I’m aware you can request earlier payments but you can not change the standard payment cycle, which for us is every 2 weeks.

Thanks for the info - same for us (2 weeks).

One would think Amazon would have that option - the money they would make from interest on withheld monies would be staggering.