Having a lot of non arrival issues with RM24 and the lack of any tracking just kills it

Our reviews are stellar and want to keep it that way and wondering the best way forward?

We have around 10% of orders still not arrived after 10 days using RM24. The problem we have is our hero product is under 100g and large letter and sending it tracked changes shipping from £1.48 to £6.00 ridiculous.

We have made some of our products FBA and goal is over next 12 months to convert some more to FBA. I guess in the meantime we have to find a solution

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We do the odd MF order, and Evri has lost about 2/3 of items we’ve sent from NI. We;ve been able to raise sucessful claims and had them all refunded.

Just going to use RM going forward.

We use Royal Mail 48hr on our business account. Very good stats , but obvious delays.

Consider using a different shipping method or carrier to improve delivery times for your non-FBA products while continuing the transition to FBA. How can I find a cost-effective solution for shipping my hero product to maintain good reviews?