Have I been hijacked?

My listing isn’t brand registered. Today I looked at my listing and in the Brand section it says ‘KINDPACK’. This brand name was not there before and I have no affiliation with it.

Has anyone experienced something like this or know how to remove this brand name?


Get on a call with Amazon support straight away so they can detect all the changes and go back to what it was before it is too late

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Were you the one who originally created the product page or not?

On Amazon, it is very common that someone makes a listing using unrelated EAN codes and at some point in the future, it gets changed into the correct product.

Or possibly, another seller on a different (international) Amazon site changed the ASIN into a different product, which was now automatically updated to reflect the same.

Now, if you don’t have the listing control, the only way how to make Amazon accept your changes is to open a case with the Seller Support under “Products and Inventory” - “Product page issue” and “Fix a product page”.

You will be asked to provide some proof supporting your desired updates, such as a link to the manufacturer’s website.

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