Has anyone used Palletfly?

Hi all,

I’m finding that submitting payment for an invoice is a royal pain and it seems super sketchy honestly. I’ve been waiting forever for approval for 888 lots, and just can’t seem to find a reputable wholesaler for online/retail arbitrage.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have ordered a few items from them, mixed reviews, they are very strict that you follow their process, which is fine, but I’ve had several orders paid for and waiting the 4 weeks lead time, but then they cancel the order because they said it’s no longer available, or the price changes after the order is confirmed! Honestly I’m reluctant to use them again.

Amazon is 50/50 with 888 lots. Sometimes they approve it, sometimes they dont.

Better to avoid palletfly. As amazon doesn’t accept their invoices.

Any recommendation on US based distributors/wholesalers that are legitimate and not a scam?

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