Has anyone in UK sold their Amazon UK business?

I’m considering it.

I have done some online valuation tools as a rough guide, but all these sites look a bit spammy and too good to be true.

Looking for a recommendation you have actually gone through with if possible, and any details of what to look out for.

Much appreciated

I’ve sold two Amazon stores through empire flippers but now have a software in the e-commerce space and through that I’ve met plenty of brokers and can put you in touch with some if you like.


I think Empire Flippers is a legit one to look at

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I’ve sold an Amazon business and currently in the process of my second. Your yearly profit x3.5 plus the value of stock will be how the business is valued. The buyer will buy your business assets and not the limited company. Only if it’s £1.5m+ value, they will then buy the limited company itself from you.


Is that the last years profit? Or are the years before taken into consideration? Thanks

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Average value