Has anyone else faced this issue?

Hello everyone,

I’m reaching out to see if anyone can help me with an issue I’ve been experiencing. Recently, I’ve received several orders, but they are initially showing up in the pending area. After some time, these orders are getting canceled, and I’m not sure why this is happening.

If orders are in the pending area, is it possible to communicate with the buyers to understand if there’s a problem or to resolve any potential issues?

I’d appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to handle this situation.

Thank you!

It could be a competitor doing it. Or could be customers changing their mind.

Keep focussing on finding new products and increasing sales volume and these things will seem insignificant.

You cant see the customer details when in pending status so this isn’t an option.

I’d put a max order qty of 1 on the listing so competitor can’t checkout with all the inventory and just continue to monitor the situation.