Has anyone else encountered this issue before?

Hello everyone,

I am a beginner this is my first time i need assistance from seniors

I RECEIVED a sale on Amazon FBM 15-17 hours ago and noticed an unusual issue. The sale is reflected in the graph, and the order appears in the unshipped section. However, the payment is not showing up in the total balance.

Given that today is the last date to ship, can I proceed with shipping the order in this situation?

Has anyone else experienced this problem? What could be the reason behind it?

Thank you.

It takes some time. Make sure that there was no outstanding balance

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hmm any idea how much time it takes?

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It’ll show up in your balance once you ship the order. Otherwise you’ll only see it in your daily orders.

You need to click on “Confirm Shipment” and then enter the tracking ID in the consignment option, then the order will be considered as dispatched from your side.