Has anyone been through this and can help me?

Guys, I received error 5665 when adding the product and filled out the form to request authorization to use the brand to be able to sell on Amazon. They are refusing for a very stupid and clueless reason. My product is from the Clothing niche

Amazon makes it very clear when I fill out the brand authorization form that it is enough for the brand to be printed on the packaging and/or product in a fixed way to be approved and my brand is fulfilling one of the requirements they ask for and support says that I am wrong.

I put a print of the email in the photos with the clueless response they gave me and I don’t agree. I’ve tried to talk to them 3 times to explain but I haven’t been successful.

Has anyone had this same problem and can help me?

( I covered it for safety with the white background, my product is my brand )

It seems that Amazon is specifically requiring your brand to be “permanently affixed” to the packaging or product. This means that the brand should be engraved, stamped, or otherwise printed directly onto the product or packaging, rather than being applied with a sticker or label.

Your current branding method using a white background may not be sufficient for Amazon’s approval. You may need to consider using a different branding method that is more permanent, such as engraving or stamping.


Appeal the decision, provide clear documentation of your brand on packaging or product, and persist in communication with Amazon support for resolution.

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I am making this appeal with the support of Amazon and making it very clear that the brand is on the packaging. Amazon support is one of the worst out there

The branding on the box still looks too generic. It should be visible on the product or its packaging. The box is not sealed and Amazon assumes that you could put anything into the box.

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