Guidance needed with PPC campaign settings

I’m running a PPC campaign. My budget lasts for about 15 clicks and ends at 4-5am.

What can I do?

Is it possible to set the hours at which the campaign will run? What times are best?

Is it possible that Chinese competition will click my campaigns overnight?

It depends on the campaign. Is it sponsor product, brands, display, broad match, close match. etc. Can you give some more insight on your campaign?


It’s a sponsored products campaign started in the evening that finishes by morning and runs out of budget.

Yes, you can control it through the day parting tool in the campaign manager. But if your product is new, I wouldn’t recommend you doing it, because you wouldn’t have enough data for it and it’ll make your product to rank way slower which will eventually hurt you more.

I’ll highly suggest you to pick the gap keywords first and only run ppc on them if you have any sort of budget constraints. This approach will help to be in a tight direction rather than just putting money on several random keywords.

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Is it set to auto target or can you choose to target "close, loose, substitute, compliment matches? You may also need to add more negative keywords and lower your bids. How many products are in the ad group etc?


It is not recommended to use day parting in initial phases. Besides doing day parting you need to set a budget on your campaigns depending on the keyword you added in a single campaign, products you have target, and the bids you have placed. Rather than using all the relevant keywords in a single campaign it is better to run separate campaigns with less number of keywords. Before running the ads you need to make your goal first. On the basis of the goal you will make your campaign with proper calculation of bids.

You should also look at the placement you are offering to rank your listing because higher bids on placement bleed the campaign.

I would recommend to first create a campaign structure and then apply. Your campaign won’t go out of budget