GTIN Exemption - Listing Sync Target and Source Marketplace

I sell PL, some of which are listed in handmade. Only found out today that my handmade products will not appear in target marketplaces and I would need approval to sell in target marketplaces.

To circumvent this problem, I can apply for GTIN Exemption. But will the listing appear in target marketplaces?

SS have no idea. Does anyone know?

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Yes of course your product show in Target marketplace.


It’s very quick and easy to obtain the GTIN exemption. And yes, everything works the same way as with other listings. They will be synced with other sites.

Hello @FishOutofWater,

thank you for joing the forum. Are you enrolled in Amazon Handmade? If yes and the listings are listed as such (there is no option for other sellers to add their offers on your listings), then you would need to be eligible to sell Handmade in other marketplaces.

The GTIN exemption applies on regular products that don’t have barcodes and you would need to create new listings. These listings would then become available across different Amazon sites.