GS1 barcodes

Hi Guys

Question about UPC codes for my PL product

I am planning to sell in Canada and the US. For Product UPC, Does it make any difference buying it from GS1 Canada vs. GS1 US? My understanding is NO impact, based on my research so far but want to be double sure.

Thank you

It makes sense to purchase GS1 codes in the country that you register your PL product, and/or create your listings, USA or Canada.


No, it doesn’t make a difference for UPC codes whether you buy them from GS1 Canada or GS1 US. UPC codes are globally unique, so you can purchase them from either source for use in Canada and the US…


In general, UPC codes obtained from GS1 Canada and GS1 US are typically recognized in both countries, so you should be able to use them for your products in Canada and the US without significant issues. However, it’s essential to adhere to the specific guidelines and regulations in each country to ensure compliance. Double-check with both GS1 Canada and GS1 US to confirm their current policies and any potential updates that may affect your decision.


Not much differenence, I’m using GS1 UK barcodes on Amazon USA