Good tutorial on how to implement a sponsored product campaign


I have been having a look at starting a campaign but all help and tutorials point to campaigns where the seller only sells a handful of products. I.e. keywords for ad groups and choosing products to be targeted for that add group.

Well we have 360000 variation products in the form of T-Shirts with thousands of different designs. So creating ad groups targeted at individual designs using keywords is quite impossible. We are not sure how to go forward with this?

Should we try to categorize our t-shirts, so we can create ad groups targeted at those groups via keywords?


Should we just pick a set of our best selling t-shirts and create ad groups for each of them and target keywords for those t-shirts



Given the large number of variation products (360,000 T-shirts with thousands of designs), creating ad groups for each individual design using keywords might not be feasible. Here are two potential approaches you can consider:

  1. Categorize T-shirts: Grouping your T-shirts into relevant categories or themes can be a practical approach. This way, you can create ad groups for each category and target keywords related to those themes. It allows you to cover a broader range of designs within each category while still maintaining some level of targeting.
  2. Focus on Best Selling T-shirts: Alternatively, you can prioritize your efforts by selecting a set of your best-selling T-shirts and creating ad groups for each of them. This approach allows you to concentrate on promoting the designs that already have proven popularity and demand.

Ultimately, the best strategy may involve a combination of both approaches. Start with the best-selling T-shirts to generate initial results and revenue, and gradually expand by categorizing other designs to reach a wider audience.

Remember to continuously monitor the performance of your campaigns, analyze the data, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your advertising efforts effectively.