Good products not selling and not findable on Amazon

Is anyone else having problems with the odd ASINs, sometimes for popular products or brands, just not selling at all no matter how low you put the price?

Ive found three products which all should be selling, but are not. The sales data is missing for all of them, there are no BSRs and you can often look back and see where the data just disappears.

Ive raised cases with the support but Im getting conflicting info back. Some say I need to add search terms, which Im in the process of doing and none of them have any right now, others have said that there was no “Search Nodes” or something…

If you have a product that should be selling but is not and has no BSR or sales chart data, try searching for that product on the Amazon website - either using the exact title (which should always bring up the exact product) and also have a look under the brand to see if its not there either

They could be Search Suppressed. This happens a lot even with good listings if they are missing any required listing attributes.