Getting your product from the manufacturer to Amazon

Hello all,

I’m in the negotiating phase of finalizing my product.

Please, what’s the next step to get your products from the manufacturer to Amazon?

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It depends on the business model which you’re currently working on, If you’re doing PL then you have to be prepared for launching.

And if it’s whoelsale or arbitrage then you got work on winning buybox to get sales

Once you’re product is finalized and it’s done with production, simple create shipment and provide them labels they’ll paste over the boxes and units to ship it to Fba warehouse.


If the product is coming to your 3pl warehouse . Send them sku labels after creating shipment . Check dimensions and apply box labels. After applying labels deliver product to Amazon warehouse.


Who will stick the labels on boxes?

Your supplier will do it, if you’re sourcing stock from china for they’ll do it at no cost but sourcing locally for wholesale they’ll charge around $. 50 for prep.

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Hi @Andreas ,

Shipping imports directly to Amazon’s warehouse is a complex process. They have put together an article that should find beneficial.

Delivering imports to Amazon