Getting your first product reviews


how long did you wait for for your first review? And how difficult/easy was it to get reviews for you so far?

Any tips/experiences are welcome :slight_smile:

Only thing for certain is the undeniable fact that you will get a negative feedback. Activist buyers will attack you with a negative and social shame you out of an item.

It takes many positive sales, before buyers leave positive feedback. If you are insecure and easily intimidated by activist bullies you will have a rough road ahead of you.

Best is to be strong and DO NOT worry about the feedback. You have been brainwashed by amazon/ebay/activists/scammers and whom ever else that uses weaponized feedback for a tactical advantage over you. If you understand that feedback is used to manipulate you, they lose control.


I agree with @skeeter. I never cared about Seller Feedback or Product Reviews. Ever since I started selling on Amazon, I have been mocked for not having any feedback ratings at all on my storefront. Some time ago, Amazon started displaying the number of sales on storefronts in addition to feedback counts. It is so stunning to see the 100000+ sales icon on my storefront with less than 10 feedbacks :rofl:

These days, no one is looking at feedback anymore. Gen Z wants the best deals. Do you think that anyone looks at the seller’s rating on Aliexpress or Tamu? No one. Everyone wants a good deal.