Getting payments as a new seller

Hi, hoping someone can help, Amazon don’t seem to be paying me. I see available funds and request them and the next day I check and it shows the same thing again. I waited the two week statement window and still didn’t get paid. I’ve had two previous payments before so not the first one. Anyone any clue? Seller support are not helpful.

Hi @evielyn

Your payments dashboard summarizes your payment information which shows your current total balance, available funds, and recent payouts across all account types.

Payments Summary

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Amazon has specific payment schedules, and it’s possible that there might be a delay in the payment processing. Make sure you understand the payment cycle and the timeline for when you can expect to receive funds. you can see in your seller Central.

Ensure that your payment information, such as your bank account details, is correctly entered in your Amazon seller account. Verify that there are no errors or issues with the information provided.

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Update your account details.