Get your seller account ready for the holiday season

Announcement reposted from Amazon Japan:

Have you finished setting up your seller account ready for Japanese Golden week? If not, we ask you to configure your account settings for extended holidays to avoid a negative impact on your account health. See the below links for more details on how to change your listing status, handling time (lead time) and shipping option in advance.

Settings to configure before a long vacation (Seller University)

Settings for vacations, holidays, and other absences (Help page)

FAQ for vacation settings (2024 Golden week holiday season) (Amazon Seller Forum) (Japanese)


  1. Japanese Golden Week differs from the calendar and the holiday set by Amazon will be from April 29 (Monday) to May 6 (Monday). (See page 4 of Settings to configure before a long vacation on the Seller University content.)
  2. You have to change your products’ Seller Fulfilled Prime or Expedited shipping to Standard shipping option.
  3. You can change the handling time from Settings in Seller Central. Select Shipping Settings and edit General Shipping Settings.
  4. Regarding Golden week delivery, some delivery companies may not accept pickup or shipment. Check with your contracted delivery company to see if pickup/delivery occurs on a different schedule.
  5. If you are using Scheduled Delivery, holidays will be calculated as shipping days. If you do not ship on public holidays, uncheck Scheduled Delivery in Shipping Settings. (See page 10 of Scheduled Delivery(Japanese) on the Seller University content.)