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Key Features:
Reverse ASIN Lookup: More comprehensive and powerful data, no manual input required, effortlessly views keyword ranking tracking data.
Parant Variation Analysis: Instantly find and analyze all variations of an ASIN in one click.
Traffic Diagnosis: Precisely identify the sources of traffic fluctuations and pinpoint the reasons behind traffic changes.
Traffic Insight: Quickly assess ASIN basic information and traffic structure, a great tool for competitive analysis.
Ad Insight: In-depth analysis of ASIN advertising performance, helping identify the primary advertising strategies of competitors.
Weekly Traffic Report: Analyze keyword data changes on a weekly basis to easily monitor weekly operational performance.
Ad Spot Dominators: Identify top advertising performers by calculating the timeshare each ASIN occupies in advertising slots.
Ad Rotation Tracker: Replay ASINs’ hourly ad placements to gain insights into competitor advertising strategies effortlessly.
Organic Rotation Tracker: Quickly track changes in organic rankings for your own ASINs and make timely adjustments to ensure stable traffic.

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