General strike on November 17

Announcement reposted from Amazon Europe:

We’re aware that a strike affecting transportation services may be causing significant disruptions for sellers. We’re committed to working with you to mitigate any impact to your account health that might occur as a result.

If the strike has affected your business, you may continue to receive automated warning emails regarding your late shipment rate, cancellation rate, or order defect rate metrics for seller-fulfilled orders.

When you’re able to resume normal business operations, if you’re prompted to appeal any performance-related account restrictions, please include a brief description of how your business was affected.

For instructions to appeal an A-to-z Guarantee claim, go to Appeal an A-to-z Guarantee claim. To appeal a seller review, go to Feedback Manager. We’ll review these appeals on a case-by-case basis, and where appropriate, we’ll reverse negative effects to your account health resulting from the strike.

Making reliable promises for customers remains particularly important at this time, and we appreciate everything you’re doing to successfully fulfill your orders. If you’re not able to continue to fulfill your orders, we encourage you to change your listings status to Inactive at Shop Status and Holiday Settings, and resume Active status once you’re able to fulfill orders and meet customer expectations.

We continue to actively monitor the situation and will let you know of any updates as the situation unfolds. We appreciate your business relationship and all that you’re doing to help serve customers.

I did not see this announcement and was not aware of a general strike and carried on working. My bad!

This one was only displayed in Italy, Spain and France. Apparently, these countries are having postal strikes now.