General Advice Sought

I am a relative newcomer to AS such, it took me several months to get to a pint where i felt comfortable to undertake PPC on several items (the best sellers in my range). Thgs like photography, copy and wording needed a great deal fo thought and work.

So here I am, 5 days into advertising.

I am seeing results, I am sure about that. Although the increased sales does not seem to be accurately reflected in the reports, I am comfortable that sale have increased due to advertising because the sales increase coincided precisely with the start of my advertising.

But i have some questions…

  1. My view, based on what I know, is that advertising is a short/medium term solution to driving sales and reviews. Thus one hopes that my organic ranking will increase. It this a correct assumption?
  2. Is there a standard practice to advertise frequently, and if so, how frequently? (I suppose this is down to how many competitors advertise?
  3. As one’s organic ranking increases, does advertising become less necessary, or in the experience of folk here, is it important to maintain advertising on occasions to ensure ranking?
  4. OR: Is the sales and reviews more important than advertising, once there are lots of reviews and sales?

Any feedback very welcome.

Thank you

I think that everything depends on what you are selling, how much inventory you have, what kind of sales volume are you looking for or how big is the competition in your product category.

Some products don’t need advertising at all and will be getting orders and have a good sales rank without it, but especially if there are lots of sellers selling the same products then it will be necessary.

There are sellers who see advertising as something they do continuously, not only after launching a new product. You need to decide based on your own results.

Sales rank is the most important factor in my opinion. Having good product reviews but the listing buried on the last page will not help.