Gaining product control

Hi everyone,

I am a new seller trying to figure out how everything works. I have already created a listing using a product from the catalog not realizing that I wouldn’t have control over the product and variations (Colors, Pictures, ETC) or in that case even find my listing. When I click the link through Amazon Seller it just shows me the product I used in the catalog. Amazon has already received the inventory which hasn’t been doing good in sales at all.

Does anyone know if I would be able to create a new listing by “adding an item not sold on Amazon” so that I am able to adjust all the specifications and have control? Then transferred the inventory to that listing and removed my current one.

Any advice will help, please!

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Yes, you can create a new listing by “adding an item not sold on Amazon” to have more control over your listing. After creating the new listing, you can request a removal order for your current inventory and then list it under the new listing.


@Elyse Great advice here.

I would keep in mind that if it is a listing that variations make sense to have on it, make some “dummy listings” for the other variations. You can just keep them as OOS in your inventory, so they won’t effect anything there. After you create the dummy listings, merge them into your main listing as variations. This will help boost the BSR right from the start.


Here is a message from my LVA who performs these services for Tarrant Toolbox. He’s the most knowledgeable person on listings and listing creations that I know.


Thank you so much, I will keep that in mind :slight_smile:


Glad to help. Check out our website to see the kind of stuff we do, and if you have any questions about listings let me know. :+1:

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Amazon will not transfer inventory from one Asin to another. You just need to try editing the listing and it should be all variations.