Frustrated and Fed up of trying to be successful selling on Amazon

One of my 9 listings does not show to customers and Seller central keep sending my links to how to list, - i know how to list! It shows as active in my inventory.

When I edit my listings using Helium 10 Platinum and copy and paste to Amazon the changes are not appearing even 24 hrs or days after. Seller central once again send me links on how to list.

I applied for Brand registry, as I am the only one in the world selling my product (jigsaws of my late father in laws art of the Lake District uk) got the document from the IPO but Amazon are telling me no. Even when I appeal.

I am UK based and only want to currently sell in the UK.

Can anyone UK based recommend some other platforms to sell from?


It’s very hard to register a brand after u have been selling an item. U are best registering a brand and then creating new listings under it. You will be creating new listings so lose the review rates u have built up.

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You must have listed your product as generic. That’s where the issue comes for brand registering.

I am not in the UK.

However, what you are heading into is trouble.

If your item sells well on amazon it will not be long until sellers from China have replicated your designs and start selling them for a fraction of the cost. They are enabled by amazon and the amazon prime fulfillment allows them to take you down.

The other major online marketplace has recently turned VERY toxic too.

In your case I would try very hard and make selling direct to brick and mortar retailers your priority or even from you own website. However selling from your own website is extremely difficult due to the alphabet/google/ebay/amazon synergy regarding search rankings.

Not in your space so my opinion is an overall for all products sold on the online marketplaces.


Yeah, that’s so true. It happened with every product. Replicated within a year and now sold all over Aliexpress, Alibaba, eBay and Amazon.


One of our product’s image has my sales manager’s hand in it. Extremely clear, unique ring and the liver spot. All they did was draft our success by using our images. It is all over alibaba, ebay and amazon.

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I was thinking about more seller-friendly platforms like OnBuy or Bonanza.

Do you have any experience with TikTok shops?

No, not at this time. TikTok has been tossed around the office recently so its most certainly on the radar.

Did find out that Twitter is a joke, they would not run any of our ads. Funny part is they are complaining how much ad revenue has been lost, yet when I try to spend money they will not let us. Keep in mind that Musk is the one behind paypal and all the BS they were able to bully ebay sellers into.

Facebook is another joke so just spend wisely.

You are more than likely better off with amazon, however don’t plan on having any profit. Recently ebay has turned toxic so I don’t know what the correct direction really is.

Please let us know how tiktok works out if you decide to move on that direction.