Freight forwarder fees

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when do you typically pay the FF?

Before shipment leaves china? Or when shipment arrives country (marketplace)?

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Payment for freight forwarding services typically occurs before the shipment leaves China, but the exact timing depends on the agreement with your freight forwarder. It’s essential to clarify and agree upon the payment terms directly with your freight forwarder to ensure a smooth process.


We have to pay the FF upfront which means the moment inventory left china. We have to come up with the payment terms with the supplier like 30% advance and 70% after the inventory is checked thoroughly.

However, this is not the case with FF. But if you manage to come up on terms with FF like this. Then it is win-win but there is no issue even before shipment reached to warehouse.


Payment terms vary. Commonly, you pay for F&F before shipment from China, but it depends on your agreement with the seller.

Freight forwarders are required to pay shipping fees before the goods leave China.

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You have to pay for inventory shipment before or after their pickup inventory from supplier so they will ship to your amazon warehouse.

Otherwise they Will not ship your inventory without getting payment.

Just make sure always pay via alibaba trade assurance.

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