Free Removals for a limited time in Canada

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Starting October 2, 2023, we’re offering free removals for a limited time to help you create room for more productive inventory, as we approach the holiday season.

We will waive fees on all removal orders submitted to fulfillment centres located in Canada during the period and reserve the right to end the free removal period at any time, at our discretion.

We encourage you to remove your excess and aged inventory in order to help you reduce your storage costs, manage inventory within your storage limits and reduce or avoid storage utilization surcharges or overage fees as we head into our holiday peak season.

If you don’t remove your inventory that has been in a fulfillment center for over 365 days during this limited time period, Amazon may remove these aged units in the manner we deem appropriate and standard removal fees will apply.

To view your aged inventory, go to FBA inventory.