Free £20 for Amazon campaign clicks

I noticed Amazon were advertising £20 in free clicks when you run your first Amazon Campaign.

The advert for it gave no indication of terms for the free £20.

I have set my campaign up now, but it mentioned no free £20 or how it is applied.

Does anyone else know about this or can give more info?

Amazon occasionally runs promotional offers where they provide a credit or coupon for new advertisers to encourage them to try their advertising services. These offers are typically subject to certain terms and conditions. Here are some general points to consider:

  1. Eligibility: The offer of £20 in free clicks is typically available to new advertisers who have not run sponsored ad campaigns before. Existing advertisers may not be eligible for this specific promotion.
  2. Activation and application: To activate the offer and receive the free £20 in clicks, you may need to meet specific requirements or follow a designated process. This could include creating a new advertising account, entering a promotional code during campaign setup, or meeting a minimum spending threshold.
  3. Time limitations: The offer may have an expiration date, meaning it is only valid for a limited period after you set up your first campaign. Ensure that you review the terms and conditions to understand the promotional timeline and any associated deadlines.
  4. Terms and restrictions: The promotion may have additional terms and restrictions, such as the type of campaign eligible for the credit (e.g., sponsored products, sponsored brands) or limitations on the use of the credit (e.g., it may only apply to specific campaign types or be applicable to certain products).

To obtain more specific information about the £20 in free clicks promotion, I recommend checking the official Amazon Advertising website or Seller Central for any ongoing promotions or contacting Amazon Advertising support directly. They can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date details regarding the offer, including any terms, limitations, or steps required to activate it.

Remember to review the terms and conditions of any promotional offer before proceeding to ensure you understand the requirements and any potential limitations associated with it.

I hope this clarifies the general information regarding the offer of £20 in free clicks for your first Amazon Campaign. Good luck with your advertising endeavors!