France EPR registration numbers rejected

I have registered for EPR in France for Packaging and Toys. I’ve used the French companies Citeo and Ecomaison respectively and the registrations have gone through without issue.
I’ve now added the registration numbers to my Amazon Seller account and both have come back with the message “The VAT or business ID and the legal name associated with this registration number do not match the information provided to Amazon.”
I suspect this is because I am a sole trader and don’t have a company registration number and have therefore used my HMRC UTR as a company registration number.
Has anyone successfully used their own France EPR registration numbers as a sole trader on Amazon and if so what’s the secret?

If your VAT is issued to a person in the case of a sole proprietor business, you need to change the name of the company in the business information field to either the name written on the VAT or add the Name of the person holding the VAT to the company name.

For Example “Business X Inh. Max Mustermann”. When doing so, your account will be going through a review process – you can contact the team at [email protected] for further information.

For more information on EPR and vat registration, you can also click here- EPR and VAT .