Fordge documents

I have been facing deactivation due to fordge documents although it was not fordge
How to deal this situation

1 of my friend has submitted his bank statement on amazon and he edit date on statement

Amazon has asked invoices for his product but at that time he doesn’t have any invoices of that product and he submit edited bank statement

Now I am confused that how to handle this situation

Hello @Ammkk,

thank you for posting into our forum. Making any edits to documents which are being submitted to Amazon is prohibited. This means that you are making corrections to existing documents to make them fit requirements, therefore forging them.

Your friend will need to submit unaltered documents and also prepare a Plan of Action explaining why the edits were made.


Thanks for your kind reply
Can you assist for Plan of Action as I havent worked on forged document

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Try this example Plan of Action addressing forged documents, but don’t copy full sentences:


Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team,
I appreciate the opportunity to appeal the suspension of my seller account, which was imposed due to concerns regarding forged or manipulated invoices. I fully understand and acknowledge Amazon’s commitment to maintaining a trustworthy marketplace and ensuring that sellers comply with their policies. I would like to present my Plan of Action, outlining the steps I have taken and will continue to take to address the issue and prevent any recurrence in the future.

What Went Wrong:

• Amazon has asked me invoice for my asin B08GCNZ9HM (Brand :THE ORDINARY)
• I submitted edited bank statement when I got suspension notification
• I failed to follow Amazon’s policies and guidelines.
• I have taken wrong guidance from my friend.

As new and inexperienced seller, I failed to carefully review all Amazon’s policy and guidelines before starting to trade on the platform.
On 11th February I got notification that “your account is temporarily deactivated and listing has been removed.” I noticed the product which I have listed on seller central needs approval to sell. I got confused because at the time of listing I got soft approval. I don’t know how to deal with this situation because I got one seller message that is this product is authentic. I thought that this only a review for product that it is authentic or not.I ask my friend to guide me how to deal this notification, he asked me to login to account then he edit date (2/25/2022) on bank statement and submitted it. Next day I got notification of forged or manipulation document.

On 8th February I received message from customer and he was asking about the product authenticity and I was sure so I replied that the product is authentic.
I have attached screenshot of my seller central message:

Correctives Actions:
I have read carefully all the policies of Amazon, especially the ones concerning the proper ways how to source inventory and Amazon’s Anti-counterfeiting policy to ensure that I will not violate them again.
All Listings on which authenticity could not be verified with valid invoices or receipts meeting Amazon’s requirements have been completely deleted from my accounts inventory and will not listed again.
I have discarded any edited invoices and I now understand that all documents need to be submitted unaltered, in their original form
All customer messages had been answered, return request authorized, processed and any concerns resolved to the maximum customer satisfaction.

Preventives Actions:
All inventory will be sourced from reliable suppliers either from brand or authorized distributors, who will able to provide me valid invoices meeting Amazon’s requirements.
I will seek a permission from the brand owners to be able to resell their products on Amazon.
I will always follow Amazon policies and guidelines.
All invoices and documents will be submitted to Amazon in their original and unaltered form.

I believe that these solutions are effectively addressing the problems noted by Seller Performance in my suspension notice.

I regret that I allowe my so called friend to use my seller central, and I apologize for this and I assure to Amazon team that this won’t happen again

If I have any confusion I will contact Amazon Account Team for proper guidance.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or harm caused by my actions or words. Please accept my heartfelt apologies for any distress or disappointment I may have caused. I deeply regret my behavior and the impact it has had on you. I genuinely acknowledge my mistake and assure you that I will make every effort to rectify the situation and ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future. Please accept my sincere apologies once again.
I am attaching my original invoice and edited bank statement.
Again I apologize for what happened from my side, and I assure you that it wont happen again
Kindly accept my sincere apologies and activate my account


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I think that the Plan of Action is good, you should also attach unaltered documents as previosuly requested.

@Kika I am attaching orignal invoice and bank statement
bank statement was edited so I am submitting both orignal and the edited one

Please don’t submit Amazon any edited documents, just the genuine one.


@Kika Thanks

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You are welcome, let me know once you have any news :slight_smile:

Sure I’ll

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Okay, I am waiting :+1:

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We received your submission but do not have enough information to reactivate your account.

Why did this happen?
You have not sent us sufficient information that we previously requested from you to address our concerns with your account. For privacy reasons, we do not provide details about our investigation methods.

What happens now?
Your account will remain deactivated. If you do not provide a valid appeal, or choose not to appeal the deactivation, after 90 days following this notification, you may separately request a funds disbursement by contacting [email protected] in accordance with the Funds Withholding Policy.

How do I appeal this decision?
If you have additional documents or information that you have not yet provided, you can submit your appeal by following the instructions on the “Account Health” page in Seller Central:

Got this reply from amazon as I have submitted orignal document


Since Amazon isn’t providing you any explanation, I would advise you to request a callback from Account Health Team and ask them to tell you why was the submission rejected and what needs to be done in order to get reinstated.

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Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team,

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to appeal my seller account’s suspension due to forged or manipulated invoices.

I understand that Amazon takes failures to comply with their policies very seriously and I would like to share with you my Plan of Action in which I explain what I have done to resolve the issue and what will I do to prevent it from happening again.

What Went Wrong:

I submitted edited bank statement when Amazon asked to submit invoices for ASIN B08GCNZ9HM


I have taken wrong step to allow my friend for document submission

I failed to follow Amazon’s guidelines on submitting invoices for seller applications as detailed here:


The reason for submitting the edited bank statement was because the specific ASIN B08GCNZ9HM was purchased from a retail outlet personally, I often use this product personally. I thought to list product on my seller central and I knew that the product is good and will get good sales. When I buyed ========from retail for my personal use, I buyed some extra quantity to list on my seller central. When Amazon asked me for invoices for the product I got panicked that I don’t have invoices of my product because it was buyed personally by me through retail store. I wasn’t aware of sourcing and made a mistake.

My second mistake was that I took advice from my so called friend and allowed him to use my seller central, after deactivation I have to use Account Health Support Team through my seller central by call now option.

On 8th February I received message from customer and he was asking about the product authenticity and I was sure so I replied that the product is authentic.

I have attached screenshot of my seller central message:

After educating myself about guidelines I realized that the retail outlet’s receipts did not have buyer details and so were unacceptable in Amazon’s eyes, I approached the retail outlet to provide an invoice based on that purchase. When I fail to find my original statement on which details were mentioned that I bought the product then I submitted my statement which was edited to make sure that I have bought the product

However, rather than requesting the retail outlet to provide an invoice I should have accepted that retail was not the correct source for products to sell on Amazon. Through inexperience and naivety I sourced some products from retail outlets not recognizing that these were not suitable for Amazon. As a result, this meant I did not have verifiable invoices from an authorized supplier. I have stopped sourcing products from retail outlets.

What I have done to address the issue:

I have carefully read the Amazon policies, especially the ones concerning the proper ways how to source inventory and Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeiting Policy to ensure, that I will not violate them again.

I have since vetted all my existing suppliers to ensure they can:

Provide invoices which meet Amazon’s requirements

Provide proof that they are authorized distributors

I am no longer using suppliers which can not satisfy the above points.

I have ceased sourcing products from retail outlets.

I ensure that products to sell on Amazon are either direct from manufacturer or from an authorized distributor who can provide Rights Owners Authorization Letters.

Where listings can not be verified with valid invoices meeting Amazon’s requirements, they have been deleted from my account’s inventory.

I now make sure I have the full supply chain of each product I sell.

In addition to the above steps we will work in full compliance with the following policies and guidelines

Prohibited seller activities and actions

Product Detail Page Rules

Amazon Anti-Counterfeiting Policy

What I will do to prevent similar complaints in the future:

Every item that I sell on Amazon will continue to be sourced from authorized distributors and I will continue to individually check that these suppliers are authorized distributors.

Moving forward, all new suppliers will need to be authorized distributors of the brands

Can provide invoices which meet Amazon’s guidelines which are detailed here

Customization Program Terms for Sellers

Before working with any potential new suppliers I will validate that they are authorized distributors and supply invoices which adhere to Amazon’s policy. They will not be asked to modify invoices to match Amazon requirements.

When required to submit invoices to Amazon, they will be unaltered and in their original form.

I will continue to educate ourselves of Amazon’s policies and guidelines through Amazon Seller University.

After activation, I will diligently check my Seller Central notifications every day and promptly take the necessary actions as required.

In the future, if I encounter any uncertainties or difficulties, I will seek assistance from the Amazon Account Health Support Team to gain a clear understanding and resolve the matter in a legitimate and timely manner.

I believe that these solutions are effectively addressing the problems noted by Seller Performance in my suspension notice.

I apologize for my shameful act which cause inconvience

FYI: I notarized my invoice which I buyed from ULTA BEAUTY authentic distributor of THE ORDINARY brand

Thank you for taking the time to review my appeal and I am looking forward to continue selling on Amazon.


@Kika I have submitted new poa with original invoice but unfortunately I got same reply amazon

I would advise you to request a callback from Account Health Team and ask them why did they reject your Plan of Action.

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What’s your account status now. I can reinstate your account