For those who are importing products from Europe to UK


Amazon just removed from UK market 3 of my listings with the below reason. Can anybody tell me what I have to do in this case? Thanks.

Product removal requested by United Kingdom Trading Standards- Hertfordshire County Council as it was tested and found to be non-compliant with Cosmetic Regs. The product has the following defects: Technical non-compliance: manufacturer/importer details missing There is no GB Responsible Person details listed Missing SCPN.

Product packaging is missing manufacturer name and address as well as importer name and address. Normally should only one of them but trading standards sometimes want to look like they are working hard. But for such a ridicolous reason listing should not be removed instead you should cooperate with them to rectify the issue.

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Also, you could get IP for parallel import.

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Who can provide this IP for parallel import? Is it the brand? Because if it’s the brand, I am buying directly from the manufacturer and they won’t provide IP.

Okay, good news. Do they give permission to sell in the UK? If so, you’ll be fine.

Yes, I am buying straight from them and I have quite a good business relationship with them.