For a new seller who is looking for product ideas but already has a good idea of the category, is it worth the time and cost of going to the Canton fair in China?

This is a question for you all on behalf of a client.

Or is the Canton fair more suited to more experienced sellers/businesses?

I personally have never been so couldn’t answer this but for anyone else who may has gone before, what do you think?

Thank you

I have been to tradeshows in the USA, that is sometimes a waste of time and money and sometimes it does some good.

Just starting out you would be better off just going to the Walmart and finding marked down stuff. Make sure you get stuff that the stickers can be easily removed if they have one. Or a shopping mall, the discounts will be extremely steep this season so you should find some stuff with some meat on the bone.


No need to remove store stickers, use something like theses. The customers love them.

They come in different sizes., and different designs. We also use them to cover barcodes on products shipped to FBA.


Getting on a plane and getting there negotiating yourself can never be beaten, I am close to many people who have importing and ecom businesses and they all 100% recommend this.

I am flying out as well for it, you interested in going?


I’ve thought about it before. Currently I don’t have a need to but a client is very strongly thinking of going.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and opinion. I’m glad to know that the trip has good benefits


Yes, seen that in one of your other posts and it is a genius idea.


Thank you.

We used so many of them we purchased a commercial label tape dispenser. Something like this:


You’d be amazed at what some folks can find to gripe about. It’s better not to place any stickers on the product packaging as you never know if you aren’t dealing with someone who wants the box to be clean.


Yes, we never know.

I sell toys, mostly plush. I use the stickers to cover RA price tags, and barcodes for inventory going FBA.

So far, so good.


Hi! There’s no need to go to China. You can work with a cross-border trade company, like ours. We are a manufacturing and logistics management company helping US businesses source and purchase products directly from suppliers in China. We manage the entire process including sourcing, sampling, video call product viewing, quality control, procurement, shipping and customs. All you have to do is let us know what merchandise you need, we do the rest. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Sylvester @ JoomPro USA


You can access most of the content online, they do offer 3D virtual tours.