FNSKU placement -where should I place it?

Hello everyone , I need you advice. I am launching a new product that will be packed in a carton box with a thin plastic film upon it. I wonder if we should stick the FBSKU labels upon this film or under? If we place it upon the film what will happen in case the client wants to return this product but he has thrown the film with a label away? How Amazon will process them?

Your FNSKU sticker could be placed on the outside of your product, if you place the label on the inside it must be scannable through the film.

The returned labels are generated by Amazon. They will identify your item, and the customer who returned it. So, placement is not an issue.

I can’t tell the size of your product. The thin film looks more like a poly bag that covers the entire product. If so, poly bags must be at least 1.5 mil thick. If the opening is larger than 5" you’ll also need Suffociation Warning Labels.

If your product is packed in a carton box, why not just send them as is? All you’ll need is your FNSKU sticker, and a “Ready to Ship” label, so Billy in the warehouse won’t tear the boxes apart to get to the contents. We did that with a number of our products. It works really well.


Good to know, thank you for the insight!

So, I am just going to place the barcodes over the plastic film.

I would rather avoid any negative reviews from customers complaining about scratches etc.

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You’re welcome.

Scratches on the carton?

You never specified what kind of film it is, the size of your product is, nor the size of the opening?

You can affix them on the top or underneath your thin plastic film. I’d be more worried that the film may not meet Amazon’s requirements for poly bags and/or the need for suffociation warning labels.

Unless the packaging meets Amazon guidelines they could reject your entire shipment.


If a customer removes the protective film and sends back the order, I heard that Amazon will resell the item. I am assuming there could be scratches or signs of use on the outer part of the box.


FBA customer returns policy

A return is an item a customer sends back to a fulfillment center. We evaluate the condition of each returned item. If we determine that the item is sellable, we return it to your inventory.

So, yes. If the fulfillment center doesn’t think there is anything wrong with your product, they will put it back into your inventory. We fought for years to have the ability to automatically remove all returns.

You can chase it down yourself and have it removed by the LPN number, which is a unique serial number that identified specific items throughout the fulfillment process.

FBA Customer Returns report (overview)


Thank you FunkyMonkey, where do I find the option to automatically remove all returned units?