Flagged for alleged duplicate account

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine has tried to set up a seller central account. Amazon have blocked it saying he already has an existing account and he needs to list the email addresses of that account/ accounts and provide a business justification for having more than 1 account.

He periodically does not have another account ans never has done.

Any idea why this may have been flagged up and how to get around it?


When your account gets suspended due to being related to another seller account which may not be used to sell on the site, it means that Amazon detected that it shares some information with another storefront, which is currently suspended.

It could be anything - e-mail address, phone number, bank account, credit card, inventory, SKU patterns, IP address usage patterns…

The link could have been created without your knowledge - maybe an employee logged into your account using his own computer or device, which was also used to access another account. Or someone else’s credit card was entered only to pay for an order in the buyer side of your account.

In order to appeal a suspension like this, you will firstly need to find the exact cause of the link.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t open a new Seller Account to circumvent the suspension, otherwise you will kill your last chance of being able to get reinstated.

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Thank you, I will ask my friend and let you know

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