First question on here

Trying to do RO with FBA. I found a product however the UPC on the bottle does not match the one in the amazon listing up it is the same product.

Is it possible there is a variation, how would 1 go about listing this ?

If the UPC on the product doesn’t match the Amazon listing but it’s the same product, create a new product variation under the existing Amazon listing in Seller Central.

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Here it is from Walmart Robot or human? then on amazon… same product just UPC is different . Can’t you just use an Amazon label and put it over this 1 ?

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If you are going to do like millions of other sellers do by rebranding/new upc, it would be best NOT to pick a chemical product like that. Do something inert, like socks, clothes etc. You tamper with the product codes on regulated stuff you are heading into a train wreck.


No, it’s not a variation.

The correct UPC code for that product is 850025915021. It’s also a gated brand. You need to be approved to sell it.


Till it’s matching item fully, doesn’t matter that barcode, anyways you gonna hide it with own amazon fnsku sticker. About something not matching it happens constantly with arbitrage inventory, because listings are made by same people like you and sometimes mistakes are done when creating listings…


Thank you everyone for the information and support !!!